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Two possible solutions for slideshow?

May 23, 2013

This post won’t make much sense if you have not read my last.

By snooping around other peoples apps some more, I came across the puzzle groups JavaScript folder. In there I found what was allowing the puzzle pieces to be moved around. It is done by an extension to the jquery suite and adds support for drag on the iPad through touchPunch. TouchPunch has been added to the slideshow as well as jquery, which I made the decision to move away from earlier… Well now I’m back.

In theory I should just be able to add the “draggable” function to the image element. So far no luck. It maybe conflicts with the other drag function. I hadn’t thought of this until now. The problem is, when to call/allow the draggable function to be called. Each image is contained in a separate div, so when is the appropriate time? Something I’ll have to think about.

The other solution would still be what I talked about before. Updating the drag function as it stands now in MooTools-more and add touchMove events.

And… now that I brought back jquery support, maybe I should change the current swipe ‘tech’ in the app to jquery instead of the current iteration.

A lot to think about.

This is probably the last weekend I’ll be able to work on it. I hope I have big breakthrough. Again, the latest version I’m working on is on the test server.


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