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I’m still here with the slideshow.

May 21, 2013

Last Wednesday Tim decided that instead of the pinch to zoom feature, it might be easier to change it so that if the image is clicked on, it goes full resolution size and the image can just be dragged around.

This is now working fine in a web browser, but like every issue I’ve had so far…. It does NOT work on the iPad. The drag feature is being called upon in the MooTools- more JavaScript file. I believe Touchstart and touchMove events need to be added and somehow get cords from them to enable drag. The drag function can be easily read if anyone wants to take a gander. I can always end up giving them the old version that worked fine, but it will be missing the “better” zoom (hard to call it better when it doesn’t work).

If it was just being run in a web browser it would be done at this point.

I pushed a version to git finally the other day. I don’t think that one was fully working either. This one is better though. I’m worried I’m going to end up overwriting everyone’s work, so I’m trying to stay away from it as much as possible.

Lastly it is on the test server. If you are using filezilla you should be able to get into my directory and download it (I’ve downloaded other peoples work from there). That should be the most updated version unless I’m working/testing things on it if/when you download it.



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