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More updates and… Almost done!

April 22, 2013

Alright, a new version is posted on the test server with all of Tim’s images. I’m pretty sure almost all functionality is there now, besides the swipe function (being worked on now) and the top gallery bar doesn’t work right on the iPad yet (also part of swipe function).

Other than that, just small adjustments to fit the color scheme (changed background to white through request) have been made. The tasks that are left here are 1) change font of text and 2) change “Picture” button to “Gallery” button. Neither of these are very large tasks and I believe James finished them today before we left class. I’ll have to get an update on that.

I spent a big chunk of time today converting all of the images to fit the slideshows format. It wasn’t hard, just a lot of chugging out a monotonous task. I should have made a program to do it for me haha. There is a template in the HTML file if more images need to be added. They have to be added individually which is somewhat of a pain, but no other way is feasible right now in my opinion.

Other things that changed: clicking a left/right or changing the image in the gallery will now close an enlarged, open image. This was causing issues before if it was not closed.

That’s really it. It’s almost done! I said last week I would update the Developmental Branch. I want to do that, I’m just afraid it will go to waste right now. I rather make sure everyone is completely up to date and ready to merge things. I’m also not sure, since Joe’s skeleton isn’t implemented in the separate apps yet.

Looking forward to a nice running version next week for the Worcester Art Museum to check out!



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