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Ahhhhh… This slideshow

March 27, 2013

James found a great template slideshow under the GNU license which is perfect for this project. I made a couple of modifications to it already and it seems like it is a great candidate for the end product. It was basically in a perfect state as is. The only modifications that are now needed (as far as I can tell) are to put the picture finder at the bottom of the screen (Tim’s request) and add the swipe functionality from JQuery to the pictures. Moving the picture finder to the bottom of the screen maybe harder than I originally thought, but we’ll look into it.

Now where the issues lie… As far as I can tell, the slideshow works great on my machine and from the github server, but it will not load while trying to access it from the school server. This is a major issue. It will not load in a browser from the server or on the iPad. Parts of the page will load and it seems like it will function from what is there. It just will not load the pictures. I’m not sure if this a problem with the code (most likely) or a problem when it got uploaded to the server (maybe the images didn’t get uploaded)? Anyways, hopefully we can figure this out. We still have six weeks left, so no hair pulling yet.

If you want to try the slideshow you’ll have download it from github.


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