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Getting started

February 10, 2013

This week was fairly productive. While I might not have to much to show for my work, I accomplished a good chunk!

I have created a very simple web page using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I learned how to format the page and create a basic layout. I have also created my own github repo where my code is being stored and I can now access it using there software on my computers. I have tried and succeeded at creating the test phonegap app. However, I’m still having issues with phonegap.

Phonegap seems like it will be very helpful to get our job done. There are some weakness I can see from using it so far though, and coding hasn’t officially begun yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to avoid any headaches. The first issue that we should be able to fix soon is that we don’t have a key yet to compile down and test any app on an iPad. This is a major downside right now. The other issue is, I’m still having trouble getting phonegap to recognize files that need to be converted. All phonegap asks for is an HTML5 file to convert to an app, but I’m finding that it won’t compile mine. Maybe it is an issue with me syncing up my Github files. Also, once it is compiled I have no way of testing it now since we can’t use an iPad and I don’t own an Android tablet device.

More to come in the future! Hopefully the effects of the blizzard won’t get in the way of this week.


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