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Two possible solutions for slideshow?

This post won’t make much sense if you have not read my last.

By snooping around other peoples apps some more, I came across the puzzle groups JavaScript folder. In there I found what was allowing the puzzle pieces to be moved around. It is done by an extension to the jquery suite and adds support for drag on the iPad through touchPunch. TouchPunch has been added to the slideshow as well as jquery, which I made the decision to move away from earlier… Well now I’m back.

In theory I should just be able to add the “draggable” function to the image element. So far no luck. It maybe conflicts with the other drag function. I hadn’t thought of this until now. The problem is, when to call/allow the draggable function to be called. Each image is contained in a separate div, so when is the appropriate time? Something I’ll have to think about.

The other solution would still be what I talked about before. Updating the drag function as it stands now in MooTools-more and add touchMove events.

And… now that I brought back jquery support, maybe I should change the current swipe ‘tech’ in the app to jquery instead of the current iteration.

A lot to think about.

This is probably the last weekend I’ll be able to work on it. I hope I have big breakthrough. Again, the latest version I’m working on is on the test server.


I’m still here with the slideshow.

Last Wednesday Tim decided that instead of the pinch to zoom feature, it might be easier to change it so that if the image is clicked on, it goes full resolution size and the image can just be dragged around.

This is now working fine in a web browser, but like every issue I’ve had so far…. It does NOT work on the iPad. The drag feature is being called upon in the MooTools- more JavaScript file. I believe Touchstart and touchMove events need to be added and somehow get cords from them to enable drag. The drag function can be easily read if anyone wants to take a gander. I can always end up giving them the old version that worked fine, but it will be missing the “better” zoom (hard to call it better when it doesn’t work).

If it was just being run in a web browser it would be done at this point.

I pushed a version to git finally the other day. I don’t think that one was fully working either. This one is better though. I’m worried I’m going to end up overwriting everyone’s work, so I’m trying to stay away from it as much as possible.

Lastly it is on the test server. If you are using filezilla you should be able to get into my directory and download it (I’ve downloaded other peoples work from there). That should be the most updated version unless I’m working/testing things on it if/when you download it.


This is it

This post is for others as much as it is for me. I’m using it as a point where I left off today and continue over the next few days.

I’ll start off with the success. Pinch to zoom somewhat works BUT it is very buggy to say the least. If the kiosk is used to disable the pinch to zoom, it should completely disable it and be at the point it was (a usable state). The problem with zoom right now is that it is zooming in the entire web page, but it is only being used when the image is clicked. Other functionalities will be disabled in the zoom sequence. What needs to be altered here is making the background static so it does not move and only the image is zoomed in upon.

Onto the other issue. I’m still trying to work on it, but the carousel is still not swiping. I have it all ready for the code to be put in. The swipe setup  is ready and it is acknowledging the swipe at the right time (using alert() I can tell) it’s just implementing it in. It’s tedious to test. Each time I have to upload the changes to the test server and test through my iPad. It’s an issue with variables. It just needs to update what gallery image needs to be centered. Using and array like galleryImage[i + 10] for example is what needs to be done, but a little more involved.

I’m hoping I can get this running up to standard before the semester is over. I would hate to drop it onto someone else.


With work comes results.

I just put way more time into the slideshow than I thought I would have to, but I’ve made some more progress. Through some trial and error and a lot of time, I finally got swipe functionality working! It’s up on the server now!

I had to change around a lot of variables and figure out some new functions, but I was finally able to get it up and running. Swiping only works on a device that has swiping. You can’t test it on your computer, only the iPad. Not a bad design in my opinion, since that is what we are going for.

Tomorrow or this weekend I’ll get it added to the carousel. It’s to late for that right now… I need some sleep. Just wanted to share my success!

The more I work on this, the more I like it! haha

More updates and… Almost done!

Alright, a new version is posted on the test server with all of Tim’s images. I’m pretty sure almost all functionality is there now, besides the swipe function (being worked on now) and the top gallery bar doesn’t work right on the iPad yet (also part of swipe function).

Other than that, just small adjustments to fit the color scheme (changed background to white through request) have been made. The tasks that are left here are 1) change font of text and 2) change “Picture” button to “Gallery” button. Neither of these are very large tasks and I believe James finished them today before we left class. I’ll have to get an update on that.

I spent a big chunk of time today converting all of the images to fit the slideshows format. It wasn’t hard, just a lot of chugging out a monotonous task. I should have made a program to do it for me haha. There is a template in the HTML file if more images need to be added. They have to be added individually which is somewhat of a pain, but no other way is feasible right now in my opinion.

Other things that changed: clicking a left/right or changing the image in the gallery will now close an enlarged, open image. This was causing issues before if it was not closed.

That’s really it. It’s almost done! I said last week I would update the Developmental Branch. I want to do that, I’m just afraid it will go to waste right now. I rather make sure everyone is completely up to date and ready to merge things. I’m also not sure, since Joe’s skeleton isn’t implemented in the separate apps yet.

Looking forward to a nice running version next week for the Worcester Art Museum to check out!


It seems like it has been a while!

I just posted a new updated version to git and the cs web server. It seems their might be a few issues on the server again that are not replicated if it is being run on my own machine. I updated the pictures to the ones Tim had given the article team a few weeks ago and left a template version inside the code for any future additions.

Small changes to the look of the slideshow app have been made as well. James had worked on it as well, but those additions are not added to this version. The only changes added are brighter left and right arrows and the drop down menu. Small changes to pictures sizes have been made too.

The addition of swipe functionality is still being looked into. I have been messing with it a bit, but every change I make has added a different fault. Will continue to look into this. Same with minimizing the image if an arrow is clicked. This has not been fixed and I have not yet looked into it.

I’d like to get an updated working developmental branch as it seems to still be broken. I’ll look at that this weekend. I might just push directly to it, although I know we agreed upon not doing that. I think it might be a better idea than waiting for all the merges to take place. Something should be up there, working, at all times in my opinion.

I’ve been very busy lately with other school work, so it has been a while since a post. Looking forward to next Monday! These Mondays off are killing us!

Ahhhhh… This slideshow

James found a great template slideshow under the GNU license which is perfect for this project. I made a couple of modifications to it already and it seems like it is a great candidate for the end product. It was basically in a perfect state as is. The only modifications that are now needed (as far as I can tell) are to put the picture finder at the bottom of the screen (Tim’s request) and add the swipe functionality from JQuery to the pictures. Moving the picture finder to the bottom of the screen maybe harder than I originally thought, but we’ll look into it.

Now where the issues lie… As far as I can tell, the slideshow works great on my machine and from the github server, but it will not load while trying to access it from the school server. This is a major issue. It will not load in a browser from the server or on the iPad. Parts of the page will load and it seems like it will function from what is there. It just will not load the pictures. I’m not sure if this a problem with the code (most likely) or a problem when it got uploaded to the server (maybe the images didn’t get uploaded)? Anyways, hopefully we can figure this out. We still have six weeks left, so no hair pulling yet.

If you want to try the slideshow you’ll have download it from github.